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Puerto de Asunción

Sitios de interés

The Port of Asunción is one of the oldest in the southern region of our continent. Located opposite the Bay of Asunción, it was the main engine of the merchandise movement in the past decades. At the moment it is in disuse because the port activity moved to the cities of Villeta and Pilar, thus enhancing its ports.

Previously it included the "Playa Montevideo", which is the site where the first port was located, but that sector that, although it did not have an erected construction, was dismantled to form part of the waterfront.

The abandonment of its cranes offers an air of old and recalls epochs of the beginning of the century. There is a plan to value the place and be part of the tourist circuit of the Costanera de Asunción, although for the time being, activities such as "Puerto Abierto" are the only ones that allow recreational and attractive use of the area.

Distance : 1 minute walk
Puerto de Asunción